Remember last week Emmy nauseating Rossum ran into to Leighton Meester at the opera opening in New York? Click here to review. It"s worth a second read! A New York Magazine journalist was privy to their exchange and Emmy, in her sugar raping way, had to lord it over Leighton the newcomer that she’s attending the Costume Institute Gala – the best party of the year – and that she was personally invited by Anna Wintour to sit at her table. She also said that Anna would be styling her, obviously the honour of a lifetime.

Problem is…

It’s not true!

At least not according to Fashion Week Daily and it doesn’t get more connected in terms of the New York fashion scene than Fashion Week Daily. Connected with capital. It’s a killer combination. I’ve interviewed Brandusa Niro (Lara and I practically begged her for a job) and she runs a tight ship. So according to the FWD blog FWD blog:

Chic Report would like to set the record straight: Emmy Rossum is not sitting at Anna Wintour’s table at the Costume Institute gala, nor did the Vogue editor in chief “hand pick” her Phi dress for the evening, despite several repeated erroneous reports.

Oh snap!

Do you love it, or do you LOVE it?

And THAT is how Anna Wintour punishes a lying doe-eyed saccharine sack of sh*t. As if the great Anna Wintour would align herself with such an obsequious, insipid little twerp. Please.

Costume Institute Gala in 5 days. Can’t wait!!!

Thanks Bella G!