Seriously…how many sick bags would you need if you found yourself on an airplane flying next to Emmy Rossum?

Fortunately for Angela H, she was able to hold back her nausea. Unfortunately for Angela H, The Rossum ended up destroying her magazine. Here’s how it went it down:

Angela was a on a flight last week from Houston to Orange County browsing through the latest issue of Elle. Emmy strolls on, in coach!, and sat down behind her. After lift off, Emmy leaned forward and politely asked Angela if she could borrow her magazine when she was finished. You know our Emmy…always raping us with her sugar etiquette.

So Angela handed over her magazine but after a few minutes, heard the sound of paper tearing. Turns out The Rossum actually ripped out of a page from Elle without asking! Tsk tsk! Is that what they teach you in charm school?

Emmy later explained that she had her eye on a pair of shoes and wanted to keep the image. So she can’t afford to get off the plane on the other side and buy the magazine herself???? WTF???

So then Angela, figuring that she owed her, asked Emmy for a photo. Emmy obliged, but had to hit the loo first. When she came out, she had her full face on. As in totally maquillaged. This is what kills me. That she has the presence of mind (or vanity) to put on her makeup before a candid fan photo but not the politesse to check first before taking something that doesn’t belong to her…

Which brings us to a brand new edition of Would You Rather:

Would you rather be friends with Emmy Rossum and have to listen to her cheese ass Rossum music, or pull a Gloria Allred and defend Heather Mills?

Remember – a lawyer can quit any time. A friendship resignation, however, is an entirely different story.

Thanks Angela!