Cheese Rossum music deserves a cheese Rossum video. So of course Emmy had to put her songs to film, applying nauseating facial expressions to go along with her nauseating lyrics and nauseating “opera” enunciation and delivery:

Slow me down
Don’t let love pass me by, just
Show me how
‘cause I’m ready to fall

These photos certainly do the words justice, non?

Here’s Emmy on her video shoot the other day, emoting Rossumly in a red dress and angel curls. Truth be told, it’s really not the most flattering number. And from her I’d actually expect something more flowy. With silk panels on either side that fly up with the wind, swirling around her, enveloping her, like the arms of a lover – soft and sensual but secure…to catch her when she “falls”.

Are you sick? I’m sick!!!