Shopping with Rossum

Lainey Posted by Lainey at November 8, 2007 15:00:33 November 8, 2007 15:00:33

As Keira Knightley would say – get ready to be raped by sugar. Hard.

Thanks to Sophia for the link!

Prepare your gag reflex for the following 5 minute video – Emmy Rossum will test the limits of your sanity. I promise. We are shopping with Rossum and her stylist in preparation for her “record release party”. She repeats this several times – my record release party – in case you forget, or better yet, in case you don’t give a sh*t that she’s trying to launch a singing career.

So Rossum and her poor minion go from shoppe to shoppe trying on clothes as she provides detailed commentary and analysis on her style, all while her nauseating cheese ass music, performed with her nauseating operatic pronunciation, plays in the background.

Then at one point, she starts spewing about her “lyrics”:

“Lyrically I really wanna write for a woman who’s smart and confident and sexy in kind of a vulnerable, real way. I guess I listen to the radio and so many of the girls on the radio seem so kind of objectified in their videos and I guess I kind of wanna be more of a real girl so that’s what my music’s all about.”

Of course she’s saying this while being driven around in the back of a limo just before getting out at Dolce & Gabbana!!! Because all real girls can afford to shop at D&G!!!

Finally, her self assessment – Rossum on Rossum style, she defines herself as:

“Classic old Hollywood but youthful and modern”.

Raped by sugar…see?

Click here for the clip.

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