New York Magazine has printed an exchange between Leighton Meester and Emmy Rossum that occurred last night at the opera during which Rossum decided to out-Rossum herself and throw it in everyone else’s face that she’s been invited to the Costume Institute Gala and that she’ll even be seated at Anna Wintour’s table.

Leighton, as you would expect, comes off adorably. Emmy meanwhile is a first class f&cking bitch, hidden of course under a layer of raping sugar. Read on and grab your Gravol.

New York: [to Rossum] So who are you wearing to the Costume Institute gala on May 5?
Rossum: Oh, I can"t say. But I can say that Anna [Wintour]"s picking it.
Meester: Why is she picking it?
Rossum: Because Anna invited me to sit with her. I"m pretty lucky, aren"t I?
Meester: That"s pretty great!
New York: Did Anna say to you, "I will pick your dress"?
Rossum: No, I am lucky enough that Anna has kindly said that she"ll work with me to get me a great dress. I"ve been christened. I feel like I was just blessed by the Pope.
Meester: Is it, like, ridiculous — the Costume? They were asking me about it, actually…
Rossum: It"s, like, literally amazing. You can"t not go. It"s like the event of the year.
Meester: I know, but I think I"m going to be in L.A.
Rossum: It"s like the New York Oscars…
Meester: May 5, you said? I don"t think I"m going to make it.
New York: [to Rossum] Why don"t you take her over to Anna and introduce her?
Rossum: She"s working. She"s not even available to go to the most fabulous event.
New York: [to Meester] You"re not done shooting Gossip Girl?
Meester: We"ll be done. I"m shooting a different show.
New York: Oh, really — what?
Meester: Entourage. So I won"t even be in town — but in L.A.
New York: Are you going to be a recurring part?
Meester: No. I"m just doing this one episode for now. We"ll see what happens.
New York: That"s pretty cool.
Meester: Yeah, it"s pretty good.
Rossum: She has a pretty cool show for now, though.

Emmy Rossum is That Girl. The Girl who won"t help you. The Girl who will look for every reason NOT to help you. THAT is Emmy Rossum.

She is right about one thing though – the Costume Institute Gala is the best thing ever. The best. Last year Lara and I lost our minds.

This year promises to be even better. Except Rossum will be there. Ugh.

Thanks Samantha!

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