This picture makes my life.

Thanks to all of you who sent it along.

It’s Rossum this weekend wrapping her Rossumness around an innocent child at some party. As you can see, not even a 5 year old can handle the sugar rape.

Obvious though what Emmy was up to. These are the contrived machinations of a famewhore who will stop at nothing, not even kidnap, to create a doe-eyed saccharine moment.

Clearly it backfired.

Remember Rossum’s music video last week? The one she shot totally spontaneously in her bedroom? Not even sure why they bother with medieval torture tactics anymore. Why pull out the head vice or the brass knuckles when you could play any song from Rossum’s CD and inflict the same amount of pain? Bet your boob job a criminal would be quicker to confess under the horrific pressure of her operatic musical stylings than under any other form of punishment…even a cockmeat sandwich.

Time for a new edition of Would You Rather  - that’s 2 in one week!

Would you rather:

Listen to Emmy Rossum’s Fallen… or to Yoko Ono’s classic “Open Your Box”, maybe the best thing ever (Thanks Ritchie!)

See below:

Emmy Rossum's dumb song



Yoko Ono Open Your Box