The most epic Would You Rather ever.

Trust Hello Kitty to hire Emmy sodding Rossum to sell coffee. Of course. Only in Asia where they raise their girls as emotionally stunted stuffed toys could the Rossum be considered a pitch person. I’m sorry to start your weekend off this way. Truly I am. Because upon watching this you will, pardon the crass, feel anal raped by sugar.

In the other corner… as posted yesterday… Diddy’s audition for Bond called I Am Fail.

Now remember, Would You Rather is about the worst ever. EVER. It’s about the lowest of the low. It’s challenging yourself to a choice between eating sh-t or drinking diarrhea.

So here you go…

Would You Rather:

Be friends with Emmy Rossum … or see Diddy play James Bond?


Emmy Rossum coffee commercial

Diddy’s I Am Fail

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