Oh look. It’s the dry heave-inducing Rossum in LA last night leaving a show at the Troubadour with her very own doppelganger. But of course the Rossum would have a friend twin.

My friend Lo had a weird anxiety attack about us both wearing our converse in London last week even though they were different colours. I told her she was being dumb – converse is converse and it’s the world, not a pair of the same Repettos or, in Emmy Rossum’s case, print dresses in a similar shade.

I know. I’m sorry. Now you want to drill a hole into your ear and pour acid inside to dull the irritation.

But there’s more on the way come January when Shameless – Showtime’s US adaptation of the brilliant UK show – arrives on cable co-starring the Rossum who, I think, plays the role made famous by Anne-Marie Duff.

Remember, violence is wrong.

And yes, it is indeed time for Would You Rather Rossum, the game of sh-t vs diarrhoea. Are you ready? Douglas?

Would You Rather:

Be friends with Emmy Rossum?


Attend a Justin Bieber concert every night for a year?

Would You Rather Rossum is about mitigating the sh-ts, the damage to your sanity. Good luck.

Photos from Wenn.com