Kelly Osbourne ditched her boyfriend Luke Worrell about six weeks after she supposedly caught him cheating. She arrived at the Emmys with a very small waist in a very tight dress – looked lovely, sure, but that’s a lot of littleness that seems to have happened over a short period of time. Hopefully it’s healthy.

Elizabeth Moss was also demonstrating some thinnification of her own divorce styles. Am attaching photos from the Emmys and also from the night before – a very svelte Moss in a bandage dress at the Entertainment Weekly party and if you watch Mad Men, you know that’s not what she looks like on the show.

Of course if you do watch Mad Men you also know that the women on the show are encouraged NOT to work out, not to develop heavy muscle definition so as to keep their character shapes more realistic with the era of the show. The not working out rule doesn’t seem to preclude them however from not eating, or eating less.

As for the separation – many of you have already remarked on the story that Fred Armisen is reportedly dating Abby Elliott from SNL and whether or not that was offside. Others however have suggested that Moss’s relationship to Xenu may have been a factor. Between Abby and Xenu, I’m thinking Xenu’s the more formidable troublemaker.

Photos from and Jason Merritt/Frazer Harrison/