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Dear Sash. I've been looking for clogs for spring/summer for waaay too long, and coming up with not much. I'm hoping you might have better luck. I love the styles of Rachel Comey but would also love not having to spend $400 on a pair. I'm not looking for a super-cheap pair, but maybe you're able to find some goodies in the middle ground? Thanks so much!


Ah, yes, who doesn’t love Rachel Comey shoes. They’re definitely a certain look so U, so I’ll try my best to find you some cool clogs to fill the fashion void in your heart!

Let’s start off with a these Kelsi Daggers (1). They look great, they won’t break the bank and from jeans to dresses they’ll go with errrything.

Sasha Finds: Clogs for Spring and Summer

While I do like the last pair, I’m more of a pointed toe kind of chick and if you’re the same then check out the following links here (2) and here (3).

Moving on to the clog bootie!  If that interests you then good! because I’ve found you just that here (4), here (5)...

Sasha Finds: Clogs for Spring and Summer

…and here (6).  Oh and if you liked the look of that last pair then you’ll no doubt be all over these (7) Michael Kors.

Sasha Finds: Clogs for Spring and Summer

Lastly, it might be too cold to wear these (8) strapped sandal clogs right this moment, but if I were you I’d snag them now and let them be your warm weather inspiration to look forward to.

Sasha Finds: Clogs for Spring and Summer

Thanks for writing in and keep your fashion questions coming to [email protected].

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