You should probably turn on Drip Drop while you read this article. Got it?

Empire’s season 2 trailer just dropped, under the headline “New Music, New Money, New Power”. This mostly is shown through Extreme Striding, several shots, but I will admit to getting genuine goosebumps upon seeing the “#FreeLucious” banner at what looks like an awesome show.

In fact, every time Terrence Howard is onscreen, I get nervous. I know that’s the point, as someone who is finally caught up on this glorious family melodrama.  Which means this trailer’s done its job – how is Lucious more terrifying behind bars than not? 

What the trailer doesn’t have, mostly because it’s musical, is any sign of Cookie being Cookie – you know, rants and outbursts that are somehow true and full of impact. Taraji P. Henson looks fantastic but Cookie herself mostly looks baleful and chastised at the same time, which is great but I hope it’s quick. I want Cookie back up on top.

What the trailer does have, on the other hand, is a handle-free Segway being used as part of the Extreme Striding. I played this back about 16 times on its own and laughed for an hour. Why do we have to wait two more months?