Apparently Enrique Iglesias was joking when he said last week that he was divorced and single. Which is about as funny as his other jokes about having a small penis.

Anyway, here’s Anna, rumoured to still be his wife and therefore still employed, at the 22nd Sports Spectacular the other day, not that she could ever have been called a professional athlete, but even less so these days given her alarmingly little body.

It’s been little for a while, it’s still little now, and even though it hasn’t gotten worse, it clearly hasn’t gotten any better, in spite of his alleged efforts. Because although he may act like a douche once in a while, word is he cares about her deeply, and that he did and is doing all he can to get her healthier.

Never mind a rally, at this point she looks like she’d be killed on the receiving end of a Serena serve…
Avocado drip ASAP.