Never met a straight dude who didn’t like Entourage. Like it’s a handshake or something. Even if they don’t like it they have to like it.

The show’s fifth season begins on Sunday on HBO and on TMN and Movie Central in Canada. Full cast and even Marky Wahlberg turned out on the carpet last night in New York. If you’re wondering about Mark – SPOILERS! – he does indeed make an appearance at some point in the first 3 episodes. With Ari. Short scene, very cute.

Also in attendance – Blair Waldorf. Leighton Meester reprises her role as Justine Chapman. Never be the first, never be the last. She was a virgin when we saw her previously. 4 years later, the chemistry is electric.

But it’s all about the regulars, right? Lloyd is a regular! Lloyd’s name is in lights!

PS. Before you ask, i couldn't find solo shots of Turtle and Drama with my regular photo agencies. Sorry. Their photos just don't sell. Boo sucky.

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