Still not down with his little lips but am definitely, definitely down with Eric Bana’s parody of the GMD.

LOVE Eric Bana!!!


Eric in the new GQ – had no idea he used to be a stand up comic. No idea he was so funny. Turns out he’s great at celebrity impressions – two in particular: Arnold Schwarzenegger and… Tom Cruise.

Excerpt from article:
Bana also does two excellent celebrity impressions, of Tom Cruise and Arnold Schwarzenegger, and in some of his funniest work separately interviews them in the guise of a third character, a real-life Aussie TV personality named Ray Martin. In the most provocative sketch of the entire series, Bana-as-Cruise chokes up while discussing his love for his kids, at which Bana-as-Martin comfortingly clasps the star’s hands. Startled, Cruise gazes at Martin. Then both men lean forward into a passionate kiss. “I’m sure Tom hasn’t seen it,” Bana says uneasily when I bring up the sketch. He downplays what the sketch suggests about Cruise’s sexuality. Ray Martin, he says, is a notorious sycophant, and “I wanted to get to the side of him being so in love with the person he’s interviewing that he wants to pash them.” Maybe so, but I think Bana’s being a bit disingenuous here. Watch the sketch for yourself on YouTube and tell me it’s not Cruise who initiates the pash.

Towleroad has unearthed the clip (thanks Juinfleur!). The clip is F&CKING hysterical, especially the dramatic pause and the clenched jaw. And of course the limited vocabulary.

Seriously…watch the video here … it will make your life.

Please welcome Eric Bana to the Freebie Five. And please make his GMD impression the latest internet rage. Can you imagine? Xenu will hit the roof.

For the full GQ article click here.