Premiere last night of Lucky You starring Drew Barrymore and Eric Bana.

As you can see, Drew went a little overboard on her dress – she looks like lettuce, non? Don’t like. But still, seeing Drew makes me happy. Drew so earnestly selling her movie. Which will likely get eaten alive by Spidey but am thrilled the husband has promised to suffer through it… because there’s poker from him, romance and cheese for me, something for everyone.

As for Eric – great hair, looks hot…but for that disappearing lips thing – a great example of it here. Though again, I can certainly see the appeal if the quiver works for you. Seems like a strong, sturdy man. The kind who gives a good hug. And smells nice. Like clean nice. And has rough hands but clean fingernails. And doesn’t cheat on his wife… absolutely quiver-worthy.