Eric Bana at the Melbourne International Film Festival with wife Rebecca Gleason the other night rockin’ some tight curls to go along with his little, little lips. Relax. I know it’s not a perm. But that is some serious coil, non?

Still… am told Eric Bana is a popular entry on the Freebie Five. And while I don’t agree every single day on the quiveration, he is indeed a worthy choice, a stand up family man, and an actor who deserves a better track record than reflected from his last few films. Especially The Other Boleyn Girl. Rubbish.

Eric is next expected in The Time Traveller’s Wife alongside Rachel McAdams due at press time on Christmas Day with Titanic hopes both at the box office and during award season. They say we are ready for another epic love story. But can Time deliver?

Am told the studio is holding this one pretty close to the chest. Will keep you posted.

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