Tired of clinging to a man who didn’t want to marry her, Claire Danes has found herself another boyfriend – British actor Hugh Dancy who bears a curious resemblance to Billy Crudup…maybe not a bad move given their inauspicious beginning, she might not want to be looking over her shoulder every five minutes, you know? Still…the payback effects of homewrecking run deep. Once upon a time, Claire Danes was fresh and intriguing and hauntingly beautiful. That, of course, was before she decided to mess around with someone who’s other half was 7 months pregnant…and the result of said thievery? Two words: Karma. Face. Pale skin, lifeless eyes…always lifeless eyes, eyes that can’t remember peace, eyes that can’t recall happiness, eyes that can see hope but can never embrace it, eyes that search for reprieve but are met repeatedly with rejection. THAT is Karma Face. And that is Claire Danes, now trying to leave Hell for Redemption. Shall we oblige? Source