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We met last year at the Heart Truth Fashion show but it was so crazy at that event we hardly had a chance to hang out and talk. So I hooked up with Erin Karpluk here at home a couple of weeks ago to talk about Being Erica, of course, but also her career, her plans, and what we think of the non-existent Canadian star system.

But first…

Are you watching Being Erica? The Season 2 finale is tonight on CBC and she hinted to me that from this point in the story, Erica could really go anywhere. That the way things end it opens up many more … possibilities. Cryptic yes. But if you’re a fan of the show, this should intrigue you even more. And not just limited to Canada. Entertainment Weekly loves Erica and for our friends in the United States, Being Erica’s new season opens on January 20th on SOAPNet. F-ck Dancing With The Sh-ts. Erica is where you should be spending your time.

As for Erin Karpluk, while waiting for word of a 3rd season renewal, she’s currently working on a show for the CW called Life UneXpected premiering on January 18th. Which means in 2010, Erin Karpluk will be featured on two American tv shows. And still, in Canada, more Canadians scream their balls off over Ebola Paris Hilton’s visit to Whistler than a talented award-winning homegirl who actually made it through hard work and determination.

We never settled on a definitive theory as to why Canadians are so resistant to supporting a Canadian star system. Why we seem almost to be embarrassed to fangirl over our own. Until of course they go away and come back bigger than ever. When she wraps on UneXpected, Erin will be testing it out in LA. It’s a bitch in LA but with a cult American following for Erica, and new visibility on the CW, there are many reasons to believe Erin can break through.

And she deserves to. Fresh off her Gemini win, Erin and I had lunch on a rainy day. I looked haggard and sloppy, she was perfect and cute, with the hair I want and a warm smile, and a tiny little waist but not all skin and bone. Then she ordered a fatty sandwich with fries and ate more than I did and I was impressed. She also works out like a demon because you don’t want to sacrifice the joy, so you suffer at the gym instead.

Erin is thoughtful. She doesn’t give canned answers that have been prepared for her by publicists. She’s methodical like this about her work too. I enjoyed hearing about her process, the day to day mechanics of an actor that may seem mundane. When she’s shooting, on Being Erica for example, there is no social life. Most of the time when she’s not on set, she’s at home studying her script, breaking down the dialogue, almost the same way you would a textbook, taking an analytical approach to it for days before she actually films the scenes. Interesting because when an actor is good, you start to believe they are the character. But Erin and Erica are polar opposites which is why the preparation is so critical. Erin told me she has to fully understand Erica’s decisions because many times those wouldn’t be her own decisions, and you can’t play that until you believe it.

It was such a basic explanation. But so often you hear actors get all profound and airy fairy and method about their craft, almost as if they want you think that only they are capable of “getting” it and here’s Erin Karpluk saying it takes talent, sure, and instinct, of course, but acting is also as much about the tangible as it is about the intangible.

This is what I like most about Erin Karpluk. She’s grounded in a way that can be lacking from a lot of her peers who walk around describing acting like it’s an out of body experience. It bodes well for her as she begins the move to Hollywood. Hollywood can f-ck with your head. It’s why so many of them come back 30 pounds lighter and crumbling from insecurity. I’ve a good feeling about Erin though. And when she comes back to Canada all successful and amazing, maybe then they’ll pap her at the airport.

Being Erica the 2nd season finale airs tonight on CBC.

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