I f-cking love Erykah Badu. Not only because you can’t f-ck with the Badu. And not only because she’s not a believer in Iggy Azalea. But also because when she’s apologising…well… she turns it into an occasion to guilt her kids.

Yes. I approve of this parenting.

As you know, Erykah took it to Iggy at the Soul Train Awards last week. Click here for a refresher. Then, when Iggy replied on Twitter, Erykah shut her down again. Click here for a refresher on that. Yesterday Erykah answered questions via video on Twitter and decided to address the Iggy situation. Sort of.

Everyone’s calling this an apology. Really? Is it an apology? Iggy took it as an apology.


Look at Badu’s face. At the 10 second mark. Look at her face.

Does that look like a “sorry” face to you?

When she’s ripping into her kids like, if you love her so much, why don’t you just be with her? Is she taking you to school and feeding you, is she making sure you’re educated, does that sound like a woman who’s sorry, or does that sound like your ma or your dad or your grandma kicking your ass when you used to tell her/them that it was more fun to play at the Robinson’s house down the road because they had better toys?

To me, there is no way this is an apology. To me this is a mother telling her kids they’re ungrateful and unappreciative. Which makes Iggy look even more pathetic.