Today was Ethan Hawke’s hand and footprint ceremony in Hollywood. This is considered a lot more prestigious now than getting a star on the Walk Of Fame. It seems like now you can just buy a star on the Walk Of Fame. It’s been a great couple of years for Ethan. Before Midnight earned him an Oscar nomination. And Boyhood is the probably the most acclaimed film of the year, for which he’ll likely receive a Best Supporting Actor nomination. He should totally bring back the eyeliner for the Academy.

Next, it’s Britney leaving the gym with a bodyguard I’m surprised she’s not dating. A happy Britney is a fit Britney. A happy Britney is a Britney who has a boyfriend. And she does. Now everyone keeps looking at her ring finger, wondering if Charlie Ebersol is next. Of course she would. And of Team Spears would heavily monitor that.

Finally, Liam Neeson promoting Taken 3. HOW MANY TAKENS CAN THERE BE?