There was a technical snafu at the 24-Hour Plays recently and to entertain an irritated crowd, Ethan Hawke took to the stage with his guitar and performed a song he wrote “while shooting a movie in Paris during his divorce.”

Music & Lyrics… about Uma.

According to New York Magazine, Ethan isn’t over it:

He proceeded to sing a ditty that included lyrics about "not caring if [he] ever saw New York again," "the lawyers," and — most telling — "my wife." Uma! "My wife hates me," he sang, adding something about how she would call him a prick, how he longed to send for his children, tralalala singing stuff. We were intoxicated, both with beverages and with memories of Dead Poets Society. And then! "My wife is a big fat beast," he sang. We gasped, along with the rest of the audience. He called Uma fat! In public! Sheepishly, Hawke broke his musicianly stride: "Yeah, I was very upset at the time."


Here’s Ethan in Soho yesterday shooting scenes for New York, I Love You with the unbelievably beautiful Maggie Q. She’s like the Asian Gisele Bundchen. Total gorgessity.

Ethan’s girlfriend, also the former nanny to his children, is pregnant. And we all know Ethan isn’t exactly immune to getting distracted by distractions. Maggie Q is as about as tempting a distraction as they come.

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