Ethan Hawke was at the roof lounge at the Hyatt two nights ago, possibly last night too but my toes refused to cooperate. Michelle, who has been in love with Troy Dyer since 1994 lost her sh*t a little bit.

He did look good. Gaunt…but good. And not even smarmy. Wasn’t working on an erotic poem scribbled hastily on a bar napkin. Instead, Ethan seemed to be in a great mood – chatty, animated, and yes… even smiling. He almost never smiles. Ethan Hawke normally sneers. But several times I saw him smile genuinely. It was hot.

Also unusual?

His eye was not roving.

Ethan was in town to promote What Doesn’t Kill You at TIFF with Mark Ruffalo, the sweetest, and Amanda Peet who shockingly did not look like a complete disaster. It’s not the best – too many bells and whistles – but it’s certainly not her worst. Who cured her dressing problem?

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