Hate myself for finding him sexy. Because Ethan Hawke is such a cheesedick, he really is. But I loved Reality Bites and there’s something about being stupid and 21 and what you find attractive at 21 that you can never shake, no matter how much growing you do in between. Troy Dyer is the kind of loser only a college student would want to take home. Ethan Hawke is still Troy Dyer for me. And I still love Troy Dyer…why???

Having said that, Ethan Hawke also has a sh-tty attitude. Walked around too good to sign autographs, giving fans the hand up, step off, outside the Intercon when approached for a photo. Have heard from several who were rebuffed with a sneer.

No but seriously…who the hell are you?

Dude, if George Clooney can…you sure as hell can.

Here’s Ethan at the premiere of Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead – a film boasting a very strong cast, helmed by Sidney Lumet, and now receiving overwhelmingly positive early reviews following its TIFF screening. Movie is scheduled for limited release on October 26th.