Troy & Lelaina

Lainey Posted by Lainey at September 9, 2016 18:37:05 September 9, 2016 18:37:05

If you said “who?” I’m mad at you!

Troy Dyer and Lelaina “Lainey” Pierce, from Reality Bites, together again! OK, not really. But there are new pictures of both Ethan Hawke and Winona Ryder from yesterday and I had them on my list and it was right there, right there! And I don’t think I’ve ever posted about them in the same day.

Ethan was in Toronto last night for the opening gala premiere of The Magnificent Seven (Sarah will have the review on Monday). During the carpet, I got a text from my executive producer of etalk about it. “Ethan is hot – Gattaca hot”. Do you remember how hot he was in Gattaca? I don’t know if that’s hyperbole, to say that he’s as hot now (again?) as he was in Gattaca. But he does look great. Really, really great.

And so did Winona over in Hollywood at Tim Burton’s hand and footprint ceremony. It’s interesting to me that Johnny Depp wasn’t there given their collaborations. But that may have been distracting. Especially if Johnny and Winona were in the same place at the same time. (PS STOP suggesting they could be together again. Why would you want that for her?)

Anyway, Winona and Ethan, the last photo of them together that I could find on Getty was back in 2004, ten years after Reality Bites. This moment of nostalgia was brought to you by my stye. It likes looking at Troy and Lelaina.

Walter McBride/ George Pimentel/ GEOFF ROBINS/ Paul Archuleta/ Albert L. Ortega/ Greg Doherty/ Getty Images

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