1995/1996. Reality Bites was my life. Final year of university, no clue what to do, a lifelong obsession with Winona Ryder, I smoked cigarettes incessantly, cut my hair like her shag, wore baggy dresses over tank tops and chucks, never went to class, and videotaped the last 3 months of our lives. As lame as that sounds, my friend Timmy and I, we watched that footage back just last year and had the best laughs ever. Timmy’s getting married in October. I should totally cut a reel to embarrass him at his wedding.

Needless to say, in the era of Reality Bites, Ethan Hawke was my imaginary boyfriend. The complicated and profound Troy Dyer, deeply sensitive, and also a prick…but only in the way that true artists and thinkers must be pricks. Oh please. Why are we so dumb at 22??? Isn’t the point of university to come out more intelligent than when you went in?

Haven’t thought about Troy Dyer in a long time. But seeing these photos of Ethan Hawke yesterday on the set of Brooklyn’s Finest… there’s Troy Dyer. Only older, leaner, and maybe sexier?

It’s the sexiest Ethan’s looked in a long, long time.

Photos from Spashnewsonline.com