Ethan Hawke was on my list for TIFF. It’s a Reality Bites thing. I had to see him. Last night was the premiere of Good Kill. After the screening, Ethan, Jake Abel, and director Andrew Niccol were at Storys for the afterparty. The suit was shiny in person but in pictures, that’s extra.

Ethan was chatty. He worked the room. There was no hovering bodyguard. He spent a little time with fans when he left. And while he was certainly supportive of this film, many people I’ve talked to who were doing interviews with him through the day have mentioned that he kept bringing up Boyhood.

As you know, TIFF is when Oscar talk really gets moving. But even though Boyhood was so well received when it was released, it could get buried by all the films coming out in the fall. I’m not sure conversation is enough though. Campaigning is also heavily influenced by financing. Harvey is always willing to put a lot of money behind his horses. Boyhood might have to find a sugar daddy.