Oh hey look at that, it’s turned into a Great Expectations day.

Ethan Hawke is in London. Here he is at ITV studios earlier and then tonight he was featured at BAFTA A Life In Pictures: Ethan Hawke. This is new hair. Two weeks ago it was longer. So will this be his award season hair?

You’ll see a lot of him.

Boyhood looks to be the one to beat this year. And he’s been nominated for a Supporting Actor at the SAGs and the Golden Globes (so far). Oh and a Critics’ Choice too. Hawke has been by far the most visible advocate of the film. He’s been campaigning for months, well before the season even fully began. So, that’s perhaps why he looks kinda smug and smarmy right now. Or…well…maybe he just looks like that all the time, with or without eyeliner. Ethan was at the Oscars last year for Before Midnight, one of the best reviewed films of 2013. This is a nice run for him. And he’s enjoying it. He might front like the work is reward enough, but he’s enjoying it.