How sexy is it for an 18 year old boy that grandma approves of his girlfriend? I wonder if Taylor Swift can see that all of this is happening 10 years too soon. If Conor Kennedy was 28, we’d definitely be picking out rings. But would the Kennedy family approve of a pre-college wedding? They’ve seen their share of crazy sh-t, I know, and still, the boy has other things to do first… surely?

Still, grandma is giving Taylor a lot of hope. In a new interview with WENN (frankly I’m surprised she spoke to WENN and not a more solidly American outlet) Ethel Kennedy said that she’s looking forward to living next door to her grandson’s girlfriend:

"I'm happy that we'll be neighbors. I'm thrilled."

Mrs Kennedy went on to describe Taylor, effusively:

"She is just spectacular; she is just sensational... She's very kind. You know what she really is? She's game. She had never sailed before, she sailed; she had never gone dragging before, she dragged... She played everything that everyone else was doing (with) no fuss."

Does she approve of Conor falling in love with the superstar?

“How could you not? I think the world has." (Source)

Can you imagine how many happy face star doodles just appeared in Taylor’s composition book? But they’ve been apart for at least over a week now as she’s in England promoting her new album. Come on. Admit it. You can’t wait for the long distance love songs coming your way.  

Here she is performing on X-Factor today.