Surprising but true. It was Eva Green who arrived last last night at the Golden Compass party. AFTER Daniel Craig. Flashbulbs go off like crazy…because girl knows how to work it.

I wish I could upload a video of myself imitating to show you properly. Will try my best with words.

Eva Green LOVES the camera. And why wouldn’t she? So f*cking beautiful and that dress, with a dress like that, it deserves to be shown, non?

So she takes her spot, hands on hips, pushes her shoulders and elbows forwards so her back is like a little hunched but not really and then arches her back at the same time – I’m telling you, it’s an art – and dips her chin and coyly, very coyly, as though making love to every lens, gives a half smile. But the best is that she held pose during each and every one of her tv interviews. She held it!!!

It’s the kind of effort you EXPECT from a celebrity.

I love her so much…