Oh Goddess. Please help. Rumours are swirling that Eva Longoria got her skank ass all up in Jamie Foxx"s face the other night and that they were seen making out at various parties after the Globes. While Page 6 is reporting that their flirtation was quite innocent, Ted Casablanca seems to be alluding to something much naughtier in his most recent daily missive. So…what gives? You"ll recall, pre-event, that she was trying to engineer a hook up with Leo D…something, anything, to get thrust herself in the spotlight and onto a new level of celebrity. Well, since Leo clearly wasn"t playing that night, does it really surprise you that she went for the next best thing? Guaranteed appearance on every smut page from here to Bora Bora. Is there a more obvious famewhore in the city? But the question remains - is this legit or is she just working another PR angle to satisfy her ever increasing thirst for notoriety? My sources say they don"t know. And they don"t know because they doubt if SHE even knows. You"ll note this isn"t the first time she"s literally and figuratively straddled two men at once. Remember JC Chasez? She kept that stringing for months before finally deciding to confirm publicly with Tony Parker. And in light of how much tabloid fodder she received on that angle, I"m hearing she"s not averse to recreating another situation in which she keeps us guessing about the real man in her life. Now ordinarily, I wouldn"t give a damn who she"s spreading it for. I mean, it"s Eva Longoria. Who frickin" cares?? But Jamie Foxx is super A list. Reigning Best Actor, top album on the current Billboard 200, MAJOR Hollywood player, loved and admired by all… it doesn"t get much better than Jamie Foxx. And to think he"s going to be soiled forever by association with the heir to Jennifer Aniston"s television mediocrity??? I can"t bear it, y"all. I cannot bear it.