Eva Longoria is starting to scare me. Once upon a time, Eva Longoria was the SJP of the post-SATC era. Eager to be noticed, desperate to be photographed, obnoxiously obvious in red carpet choices. But now Eva is engaged. Eva is – supposedly – done with the famewhore antics, the pleas for attention, the tits and ass appeal that has defined her success so far. Eva wants to be a wife, she wants to key it down, perhaps find diversity away from shooting scenes in lacy lingerie and not much else. Which explains Eva’s show of understatement this awards season. Understated at the Globes, even more understated at the SAGs. Check it out for yourself: it’s grey, it’s loose, remarkable for being unremarkable, definitely disappointing on anyone else. But on Eva Longoria, who needs to tone it down anyway, I rather like. Better the Eva who wants to fade in than the Eva who screams to be noticed. Source