TMZ broke the story earlier today that Tony Parker filed for divorce from Eva Longoria. But her publicist is telling CNN and etalk that this is false. Then I went to refresh TMZ’s page and it was replaced by this article. They say they were originally told by two clerks at a courthouse in Texas that Tony filed and that the documents were sealed by a judge. But now another clerk has come forward to shoot down the two original ones, insisting that no papers were processed, that Tony Parker did not initiative divorce proceedings. In combination with Eva’s rep’s insistence that nothing happened, TMZ has no choice but to retract the story. this simply a case of a bad source? Or is something else afoot?

TMZ rarely messes up this spectacularly. I mean, sure, everyone gets a sh-tty tip now and again but...

Two hours before TMZ’s original story broke, E! reported that there was some smutty tingling going on in the marriage. Eva was apparently about to pull out of an event. Her people weren’t talking. Some people were whispering. Her team was being particularly cagey. This was followed by the divorce alarm and quick cancellation. Do you buy it? That everything is ok?

It feels strange how this all unfolded. Not sitting well at all. Like it was a communication breakdown. Like one side wasn’t following the other’s orders. Like they were still nailing down a press plan and someone didn’t get the update. Will keep you posted but I wouldn’t brush it off just yet.

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