Saturday – David Beckham’s debut for the LA Galaxy vs Chelsea. He sat out the first half, came in late to thunderous applause as his wife, behind sunglasses and a cute black dress, sipped champagne from a private box, deeply engaged in conversation with the always opportunistic Eva Longoria. Famewhore meets Famewhore… new BFFs? Certainly well matched, non?
Here’s Eva arriving on Saturday walking the red carpet at a sporting event: love, love, love! And Eva also on the weekend having lunch with friends and her husband surrounded by pappies. Check out the look on Tony’s face. After a wedding bought and paid for by a celebrity weekly and courting photographers during a week long wedding celebration… perhaps he thought that would be the end of it? Perhaps he actually thought his new wife would be content to fade away? To live away from the lens?

But Eva Longoria hasn’t inspired this much interest since Desperate Housewives Season 1 – and that was 2 years ago. Girl is milkin’ it for all its worth.

Poor Tony thought wrong.