After publicly announcing their relationship, like, 3 weeks ago, Eva Longoria and her new boyfriend Ernesto Arguello went house-hunting in West Hollywood yesterday. Oh please. It’s a pathetic consolation prize for summertime at Lake Como. But after all that’s gone down, this is what she has left after US Weekly’s report last week that George Clooney tried to hook up with Eva when he was still with Stacy but she turned him down because Eva Longoria is honourable and classy like that. Eva protested on Twitter that it was all lies, and George had his publicist do the same…which…I mean…when George doesn’t want you to believe something, he will go out of his way to make sure you don’t believe it. You know who loses in that situation? Not us. After all, we weren’t the ones who were so close to making it a reality. One bad move is all it takes to turn George away.

So maybe it’s a last ditch effort to get him to notice. Like, look George, HEY OVER HERE! OVER HERE! I’m moving in with him! She may as well be jumping up and down, a girl on the side of the highway lifting her top up to get a ride.

Will it work?

George has Venice and Toronto and award season coming up. He does enjoy having a companion by his side on these occasions. Normally though, his companions are a lot less trouble.