George Clooney is getting married this weekend. What does that have to do with Eva Longoria? Oh come on. Don’t you remember? Click here for the background articles.

Just in case you weren’t aware that everyone’s been waiting for Eva Longoria to come back to regular television, Deadline posted an article last night about Eva Longoria featuring this sentence:

“In an unusual situation that underscores how sought after Longoria is as a TV leading lady, two projects are vying for her at two different networks.”

Apparently both NBC and ABC are developing projects for her. At NBC it’s a show called Telenovela. At ABC it’s a comedy about a woman who renovates homes and compulsively tries to renovate the personal lives of everyone in her personal life.

Longoria’s own personal life is on too. Here she is with her boyfriend in New York last night. So, you know, who cares what’s happening in Venice on Saturday.

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