You’d think, now that she’s been on prime time for almost 5 years, that Eva Longoria could finally stop dressing for daytime tv, non?

This is what happens when you work with Ken Paves. Ugh.

So here’s Eva in London promoting her new movie Over Her Dead Body about, I’m serious, a woman who meets a man whose girlfriend just died. The girlfriend is now a pesky spirit who hovers about trying to thwart the new relationship. Eva plays the ghost. Waste of a few million dollars. Which is why Eva has to work her bony little ass off pimping this sh*t so the studio can hopefully make its money back.

Then again, Wild Hogs somehow grossed over $100 million at the box office. Given that good taste is dead, maybe just maybe Over Her Dead Body will be a hit. Is there any wonder then that no one watches Friday Night Lights?

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