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What in the ass were they smoking at Forbes?

Forbes has just released their Celebrity 100. Not surprisingly, Oprah checked in at #1. Angelina was #3 right behind Tiger at #2 who tees off at the US Open this morning and Brad finished #10.

Will Oprah ever talk to Angelina? Or will she keep her loyalties to Jennifer Aniston at #17?

The list will confound you in many ways. Like why the hell my Gwyneth even made it. And Keira Knightley too.

But the best…

The absolute best is this:

Eva Longoria Parker is ranked 70th. Sarah Jessica Parker is 72!!!

Trumped by Eva Longoria? Oh no the shame!

And would you believe….Ashley f&cking Tisdale finished ahead of Tina Fey? Ashley Tisdale is more powerful than Tina Fey?

Is this our world?

Help our world!

For the full list click here.

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