Ten years ago, barely into her 20s, Kate Winslet was nominated for an Oscar, starring in the highest grossing movie of all time. Not exactly a low pressure situation.

But for all the excuses made on behalf of Lindsay Lohan and the others – that it must be so difficult dealing with fame, that it can’t be easy living under a microscope…somehow, if acting is really what you’re serious about, it is possible to end up normal. To not fall off the deep end. To succeed gracefully and not spoil your talents.

Needless to say, Kate has done this beautifully.

On the set of Revolutionary Road, her new collaboration with husband Sam Mendes that is also reuniting her with Leo D – as you can see, Kate is on set and prepared and off set and preparing…script in arm ready for an evening of character exploration before reporting back to work the next day.

She’s gorgeous, non? And a true professional too - how refreshing.