Ryan Gosling hasn’t been seen in public in months. The paps don’t hang out in Iceland where he’s been in post production for his film How To Catch A Monster. And since Eva Mendes has been photographed alone so often lately, there’s now speculation that she’s alone because she’s single, or she’s about to be single.

According to US Weekly, the two broke up briefly 6 months ago and even though they eventually reconciled, they never ended up confronting their problems: he’s moody and she’s jealous about text messages. While the magazine won’t say outright that the two are over, their sources predict it’s only a matter of time.

Mendes and Gosling may very well be approaching the end of their relationship, but I’m not sure her jealousy and his attitude are the real reasons. If you’ve been “seeing” properly on this blog for a while, let’s say for the last year or so, you might find that there are other factors. Like what he wants and what she doesn’t. And it has nothing to do with seeing other people.