Both OK! and STAR Magazine are reporting that Eva Mendes is pregnant for Ryan Gosling. Neither publication has a particularly accurate track record. But they’re also both saying that she’s 7 months along and that’s what she’s been telling her friends.

So do you believe it?

I believe it more than the incessant break-up rumours.

In February Mendes went through airport security at LAX and avoided the scanner, opting for a manual pat-down instead. Click here for a refresher. Then she denied that she was pregnant on Ellen. Click here for a refresher on that. Then Eva covered FLARE and took Ryan’s dog with her to the photo shoot. Click here to remember it.

But then she didn’t show up to Cannes and everyone was like – something’s wrong! They’re over, rejoice!

What if she didn’t show because she’s having his baby?

Several people have already emailed me…


I’m curious about this reaction. Why do you hate them together so much? Or were you hoping that he’d be filling your uterus instead?