Eva Mendes was photographed on Wednesday, just as news was breaking that she and Ryan Gosling are expecting a baby. As you can see, she was desperately trying to cover her body. Well, they’ve managed to keep this secret for 7 months, supposedly. They’re saying she just stayed in her house the whole time. So I believe it. I believe that she, they, really didn’t want anyone to know. Until we knew. And now?

Still no official confirmation, unless you consider Ellen’s tweet to be confirmation. Eva doesn’t seem to have a publicist (agents and managers, no publicist) and Ryan works with Robin Baum, one of the most powerful Hollywood publicists in the game. Is this the no-strategy strategy?

By the way, how do you say “Eva” Mendes? It’s Eva like AVA.

In other Gosling news, it was announced yesterday that he’ll star with Russell Crowe in a 70s private detective drama called The Nice Guys. (Baum is also Crowe’s publicist.) Shane Black is directing. I’d love to be on that set. I’d love to look at Russell Crowe’s face every time Gosling asks “What’s my motivation?” But if it’s anything like Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, I’m in.