This year’s Vanity Fair Hollywood issue featured 9 reasons why a Lindsay Lohan comeback is pretty much impossible. Because there are others now. And one of those others is Evan Rachel Wood. Very, very talented. There is so much right with Evan Rachel Wood. And there is one huge thing wrong with Evan Rachel Wood.

Perhaps it’s unfair, and not even rational, but I blame Alexander Skarsgard. And that anorexic skank wrapped around his shoulders, Kate Bosworth.

Because Evan and Manson were done for a while. And she and Alex were dealing with each other. And it was going well. And then he started shooting with Kate B who had just come off homewrecking on Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin. And, as she previously tried with Jim Sturgess, Bosworth moved in on Skarsgard. Sturgess wasn’t interested. Sturgess is not stupid.

But Skarsgard? Vain, weak, dumb. And poor Evan must have been confused and hurt, fertile emotional territory for a predatory monster. Shortly afterwards, she and Marilyn Manson had not only reunited, they also announced their engagement.

They were spotted in Los Angeles yesterday boarding a flight. I see youth and insecurity and a lot of sadness. She just doesn’t know it yet.

Professionally it’s also been a period of transition. Due to delays and rumoured production f-ckery, EVR had to drop out of the Broadway Spiderman. Scheduling conflicts. She is however working with Kate Winslet on Mildred Pierce for HBO and will reprise her recurring Queen Sophie role this season on True Blood. And come award season, she’ll be part of Robert Redford’s latest entry The Conspirator – marquee cast, director, and of course all the hype that comes along with it. Imagine then, through it all, Marilyn Manson lurking in the background. F-cking creepy.

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