Evan Rachel Wood and Alexander Skarsgard both turned up in New York last night but at different events. Evan was at Cipriani for Fashion Group International’s Night of Stars. Alex was much more casually dressed with a hole in his shirt at Sienna Miller’s After Miss Julie opening.

Coincidence or conspiracy?

As I reported on Monday, Evan and Alex were still a couple three weeks ago even though Kate Bosworth has been pursuing him relentlessly, using her own relationship woes as a pity card for his attention.

Bosworth will likely not be happy that both Evan and Alex are now in NYC together. Do not be surprised if she decides to pop in for a surprise visit.

Who else was at the Cipriani event last night?

Dita Von Teese.

Wonder if she and Evan had to be kept far apart.

What’s the difference between what Evan did and what Kate’s trying to do?

Youth plays a big part for sure. Evan was only 18. And Marilyn Manson is a monster. To us it’s sinister and disturbing, for a sensitive young teenager it’s dark and seductive and intoxicatingly dangerous. She’s actually very fortunate in the end that she was somehow able to escape him.

Photos from Wenn.com and Bruce Glikas/Gettyimages.com and Jackson Lee/Splashnewsonline.com