ERW's missing tooth

Lainey Posted by Lainey at September 9, 2011 14:04:18 September 9, 2011 14:04:18

Did you hear about this? TMZ reported the other day that Evan Rachel Wood went out to a party earlier this week in Paris and some dancing dude elbowed her in the mouth so hard her tooth came out. This has almost happened to me SO many times. Have you ever been to Caribana in Toronto?

My smutty senses are not tingling about this one.

Anyway, she apparently had the tooth fixed right away but as you can see, she still has a little mark on her mouth. This is ERW at The Ides of March presser this afternoon at TIFF. Why do I get so mental about a pimple? She's walking around with a lip wound and doesn't give a sh-t. And looks really, really great. Can you imagine if this were Mimi?

She'd hold a press conference just to talk about how she lost the tooth in the first place.

George and Ryan photos are coming up next. Chill.

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