My friend Laura is addicted to Robert Pattinson. He’s like crack for her. She and our other friend Lorella enable each other over email. Sometimes they copy me in and I asked to be excused from the conversation. Yesterday Laura candidly described their habit as follows:

“Yes, Lorella and I are horrible influences on each other. But I love it. We're like two crack whores with one pipe.”

I am not the most patient person. I have asked her to get over it. Quickly. Because it’s not like I don’t understand a fantasy crush. After all, I develop one every summer. Click here for more on My Annual Summer Crush. Like, I get it. But I also get OVER it.

In fact, I’m actually very good at getting over it. Which is what Laura threw in my face yesterday. She said I was fickle. That “your affections are generally fleeting.” This is true. This is why I love Karl Lagerfeld so much. Karl tires of people quickly. He goes from love to hate immediately. Me too. I hate most of my Summer Crushes afterwards. Despise them.

So while Laura remains sick in the head over a manchild with mothering hips, I have happily moved on from a number of imaginary boyfriends – a long list that includes Shane West. Ew! Ew! Ewwwwwwwwwwww!



It was that movie A Walk to Remember. It caught me at a vulnerable moment. I was sick at home one day or something and the drugs, the drugs they weakened me, and for the next few weeks it was Shane West everything. SO gross.

But not as gross as Marilyn Manson.

Evan Rachel Wood spent 2 years with him and has now moved on. Apparently she’s moved on to Shane. They were making out the other night in Vegas, all over each other in the middle of some club. Amazing.

Five minute fling? Probably.

Also – did you know Evan was in Practical Magic too?

Finally – for those of you who have been asking: no, Laura does not have a Twitter. She draws the line at networking her obsession. There is still a shred of shame left in her.


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