It’s a new episode tonight. There are only 2 new episodes left before the 2.5 hr season finale on Sunday May 23. And I am missing them. F-ck. As already noted, Lost brings me a considerable amount of stress. The show itself and its puzzles obviously but also not being able to watch while travelling and avoiding spoilers. Thank you for all your suggestions of where to stream um, legally and illegally. The bigger problem is the wireless. We have the sh-ttiest wireless luck, always, in Cannes. I will not be anxious about this today. I will not be anxious and worry until there’s something to worry about. I will be hopeful about wireless in our apartment. I will WILL our wireless to work. And I will continue to hate Fake Locke, Smokey Locke, Dick Locke.

How could they last week? (Stop reading now if you can’t handle the spoiler)

How could they, in the space of 10 minutes, kill off 3 characters...and all minorities!? I am still mad. See? Lost preoccupation takes up a lot of my time. Enough.

Here’s Evangeline Lilly leaving Letterman last night after promoting the show. She is so beautiful. The styling however has never been the best.

Also attached – Matthew Fox and his wife in Portofino, Italy the other day shooting a watch ad with Eric Dane, Cate Blanchett, and Kevin Spacey (not pictured) among others. He’s gorgeous. Lately Jack has been getting more and more gorgeous. What is it? Is it because I think he’s the Saviour?

Oh and one more thing. I found this shot of Fox and Josh Holloway at the premiere of Lost 6 a couple of months ago. Not really sure what’s happening here but, um, I like it.

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