Don"t get me started on the bikini. It"s one step above a Hello Kitty lunchbox. NOT acceptable. All is forgiven however when she turns around. Because let"s face it - the airbrush is our nemesis. Photoshop, while capable of some brilliant transformations, has been known to drive an unrealistic stake into our gym routines, compelling us to strive towards an ideal that is not only impossible, it"s actually imaginary. Take the lovely Evangeline, for example. She works out hard, she surfs almost every day, she eats well, she has a team of producers and tv executives who pressure her to stay thin and hot. And still, in spite of all this, she"s got some cellie hangin" around the back of her thighs. Is it repugnant? Of course not! Far from! It"s actually a joy to behold. The pick-me-up I needed on a Sunday afternoon after too many pulled pork sandwiches and fries and an entire bar of hazelnut chocolate - Costco size. Hopefully it works for you too. Nothing like celebrity cellulite to kick off your work week. Enjoy.