Over the weekend in Dubai it was definitely Mischa Barton. Things weren’t looking so good before she broke my arm and they’ve only taken a turn for the worse since.

Mischa was able to tag along to the Atlantis Hotel opening with designer Matthew Williamson who quickly learned his mistake because by the end the weekend, he literally wanted nothing to do with her.

Am told by sources that on Saturday night at Nobu, Mischa was shunned by everyone there, including Matthew who’d been informed that he was risking his own status by associating with her. To add insult to injury, she was so f-cked out of her mind that they actually asked her to leave, escorting her out of the restaurant while everyone watched and laughed.

Not even Lindsay Lohan had time for her, and at one point, Mary Kate Olsen tried to run away from her but she wasn’t stealth enough. Mischa could be seen chasing behind.

Hollywood is SO Mean Girls, it’s amazing.

Oh and you know she turned down the Georgina part on Gossip Girl, right? She thought she was above it.

My arm has almost completely healed.

Photos from Wenn.com