A man who talks freely of his penis and his perversions? Love, love, love. New interview with Nylon, Ewan discusses his career, his film choices, his versatility – from offbeat indie to major blockbuster hero – and of course, his often exposed member, he’s shown it off on celluloid many times, and he says he’d gladly to it again…praise Goddess. My favourite quotes below: On nude scenes with young co-stars: Getting 18 year old girls to be naked and have sex in a movie is possibly damaging to their development. But at the same time, I’m up for it. Hee. On being naked the entire time for an art house flick called The Pillow Book:This Japanese woman (painted) my entire body (every day). I would fall asleep while she was doing my front, and each morning I would call my girlfriend (now wife) while she was doing it, because of the time difference, and whenever this happened she would do my penis. She waited and waited til I was on the phone with her and then did my penis quickly. It was a nice touch.” I know some of you prudes might find this pervy…I on the other hand think it’s hilarious, not to mention sexy as all hell. It’s part of Ewan’s appeal, you know? Rogue, edgy, incredibly charming, refreshingly candid - Can you think of another actor who would admit to this sh-t? How can you loins not quiver just a little for Ewan McGregor? Source via Source