Am currently kissing Laura’s ass. Every day.

Laura is running our TIFF programme. Which means she makes the call on who gets assigned for which interviews/carpets/screenings. Normally I try to stay off the junket board until I’m told. It can get tedious going from room to room asking the same questions, trying to make magic with only 3 – 5 minutes stuck in a small room opposite a surly actor.

On occasion though, like for Harry Potter, I have been known to beg. It’s rare, it doesn’t happen often. But I beg. I beg hard.

I’m currently begging hard for Ewan McGregor.

Ewan will be in Toronto for The Men Who Stare At Goats. Also starring George Clooney.

The trailer has just been released.

LOVE it.

SO much…even though his accent isn’t quite convincing.

The Men
is about a group of US soldiers (true story) who claim they’re training as part of special battalion that uses psychic abilities to fight terrorism. For reals.

Laura, you are so lovely. And wise. And I have enabled you.

Please, please, please, please, please…

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